The Box Project challenges a select group of contemporary jewellers/makers to create new work from materials that they have received in the post in a box. Once the work is complete they will send it back for the exhibition.

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May 4 - 25, 2011 (Auckland)
March 15 - May 1, 2011 (Wellington)
November 18- 30, 2010 (Sydney)

Masterworks Gallery, 77 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
The See Here, 12 Constable Street, Newtown, Wellington
Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD

Artists Involved?
Diane Appleby, Zoe Brand, Melissa Cameron, Zara Collins, Kristin D'Agostino, Sharon Fitness, Liana Kabel, Peta Kruger, Bridie Lander, Jasmine Matus, Carrie McDowell, Sunggee Min, Jessica Page, Alice Potter, Sonya Scott, Lauren Simeoni, Sondi, Melinda Young.

Project based exhibition of contemporary jewellery and objects

Exhibition concept and curator? Jasmine Matus.

27th May 2011

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And here it is the interview you have all been waiting for…

Ethan and Zac from Auckland radio 95bfm talk with yours truly about The Box Project.

25th May 2011

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The Box Project @ Masterworks Gallery, Auckland, NZ, May, 2011

Masterworks. What can I say apart from you guys ABSOLUTELY rock. Lynsay, Eloise, Christine, Cath, Raewyn (and anyone else who I may not have mentioned). Thank you all so very much for welcoming me and The Box Project with open arms. I had the most amazing time here in Auckland. Being at the gallery was very relaxing and inspiring.

A huge success, couldn’t have done it with-out you (and all the cups of tea and cake and burger fuel!). 

Pre installation, laying all the work out.

The devine Miss Lynsay Raine helping out with the vinyl application. Thanks!

The wonderful Cath Dearsley enjoying the work.

The fabulous Nadene Carr admiring Peta Kruger’s stunning neckpiece.

The Box Project!

Bridie Lander’s stunning work.

Box Project artist Miss Sharon Fitness and her bag of BLING’

Raewyn Walsh and Cath Dearsly having a chat.

Masterworks project space - THINKspace.

It was both relieving and sad flying back to Australia knowing that this would be the last showing of The Box Project. Relieving because it is a hell of a lot of work orchestrating and curating an exhibition on your own and now I can focus back on my work but really sad because the show is quite simply incredible, different, experimental, unusual, highly interesting and it celebrates contemporary jewellery in all forms and the work deserves so much more attention and exposure. It would be so lovely to see the show at Schmuck  Jewellery fair, Munich, Germany or at Velvet da Vinci in San Francisco, USA. If I think big, anything is possible.

And that’s about a wrap (for now).

25th May 2011


95bfm Auckland Radio interview with The Box Project

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed on radio 95bfm whilst in Auckland for The Box Project tour on Thursday May 5, 2011.

Conducted by the lovely Zac and Ethan, who made the interview completely smooth flowing and interesting.

I am currently trying to obtain a copy of the interview so that I can attach it to the blog for your listening pleasure

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25th May 2011

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The Box Project @ The See Here, Wellington, NZ, April, 2011

The Box Project exhibition Wellington leg of the NZ tour in April this year was a huge success. I owe the delightful people at The See Here gallery a huge thanks to making everything run as smoothly as it did, especially Sunni Gibson!.

The See Here is a window gallery jewellery space located in Wellington’s vibrant and colourful suburb Newtown. Founded by Sunni Gibson The See Here is a group of artists and jewellers whose practice occupies the border between fine and applied art. They are dedicated to investigating contemporary jewellery and showcasing the many and varied results of this exploration.

Their programme of two or three week shows includes work from members and invited guests, displayed at and at their physical space, The See Here micro gallery, 12 Constable Street, Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand.

The online space lets you contact the artists and find out more about the work. It is also a platform for the exchange of ideas about contemporary jewellery and its many facets. (taken from theseehere website).

The See Here collective is comprised of Jhana Millers, Kelly McDonald, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Nadine Smith, Peter Deckers, Sarah Read, Sunni Gibson, Tara Brady and Vivien Atkinson; all incredibly talented and inspiring New Zealand Jewellers. More information about each maker and images of their work can be seen at The See Here website here. It was so wonderful to finally put faces to names that only existed in emails prior.  

The See Here window gallery space.

The See Here, glowing by night.

The Box Project at The See Here, Installation.

Its all about the shadow.

The wonderfully vivacious Miss Sunni Gibson in her studio behind The See Here gallery space.

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10th May 2011

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Reflections on The Box Project by Zoe Brand

The Box Project – Reflections


How one should trust in their materials and earn their respect.

I fondly recall my first meeting with Jasmine about this particular project. It happened on a rainy afternoon, whilst swigging a cider on the rooftop pub across the road from gaffa gallery. A casual affair that very quickly, to my delight, turned into a polished presentation about the origins of her curatorial idea with prepared handouts of exhibition schedules and the like. Impressed? I think so.

Being in the position such as I was last year, directing an exhibition program of 21 shows, I was constantly searching for interesting and innovative exhibition proposals, and here was one that was ticking *cough* all the boxes. The Box Project, was certainly one of the most enjoyable shows I had the pleasure of being a part of last year, not only in offering curatorial guidance, but also receiving an invitation to be a participating artist in the project.

Having initially discussed with Jasmine the types of materials she would put into the boxes and what her expected outcomes were, I was rather interested to see what my little brown box would contain. I was not to be disappointed; the content was an unusual fare of earplugs, plastic buckles, light blue plastic cable and some sort of electrical fuses. I sat with these materials for quite some time, occasionally tipping them out, fiddling with them a bit then putting them away again. This was to happen for quite a few weeks.

I don’t often mess with my materials all that much; I like my audience to silently nod in acknowledgement of the use of common materials in unfamiliar situations or perhaps common situations translated from uncommon materials. You see displayed here my final construction, made from earplugs, plastic buckles and a small addition of sterling silver it is called, I’m sorry, I wasn’t really listening.

Zoe Brand

April 2011 

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12th January 2011

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FEATURE ARTIST - Peter Kruger, Adelaide, Australia

Lost and Found Bracelet, acrylic, sterling silver, 2009

Blending from different styles and periods, including deco, sci-fi, Futurism, and the relics of hunter-gatherer societies, Kruger’s work appears as the artefacts of a tribe somehow lost in time. Peta Kruger completed first a Bachelor of Visual Communication at the University of South Australia in 2003 followed by a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2008 at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts. She has worked professionally as a graphic designer and as a jeweller, as assistant to London jeweller’s Scott Wilson and Jane Adam in 2007. She is currently an Associate of the JamFactory, Adelaide in the Metal Design Studio.

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26th November 2010

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Write up…

Jessica Barnes from Daily Gloss online visited The Box Project exhibition this week and left so highly impressed and excited that she wrote an article about it.

Thanks for the write up!

19th November 2010

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Opening Night Success!


I am truly and absolutely blown away by last night, what a great show! I could not be any happier. There was a constant stream of punters through the gallery all night long, each so curious to see the becomings of the box materials. The work was spectacular, so creative, innovative and different. It and the makers received great praise and appreciation from the public. Many a sale were made many a suprise reaction had by all when they discovered the true nature of the materials.

Thank you so much to everyone who made the opening your efforts and support so warmly received. Thank you’s go out to Mel Young, Zara Collins, Sunggee Min, Jessica Page, Diane Appleby, Sondi and Carrie McDowell (who came the furtherest distance across from WA), it was great to see the familiar faces and to also meet those with whom I have been corresponding through-out the year. Those that couldn’t make it thank you for all of your consistent hard work and dedication to the project, It would not have been possible without you. You were there in spirit and i’ll be posting more pics for all to see really really soon. 

The Box Project, I can’t believe it’s happening!

The lovely Carrie McDowell and the lovely Melissa Cameron.

Kylie Johnston and Jessica Page. Liana Kabel and Lauren Simeoni’s work installed behind.

Melinda Young and Jane Pollard. Zara Collins’ work installed behind.

David Cruikshanks and Felix Gill. Carrie McDowell and Bridie Lander’s work installed behind.

Melissa Cameron models The Box Project catalogue! Work it!

Melinda Young and the Brand sisters.

Jake and Penny discussing Sondi’s ‘Bang Bang’ neckpiece.

A Mi Kim and Andrea Iglesias admiring the works of Sunggee Min, Alice Potter and Kristin D’Agostino.

Suprise guest, Eric Holt!

The work.

One VERY happy curator with the lovely Diana. 

Leslie and Matina inspecting Lauren Simeoni’s beautiful work.

Show us your box, boxy ladies! Arcade space, Gaffa.

The wonderful and inspiring Miss Zoe Brand. And thats about a wrap and a box.

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19th November 2010

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Thank you to my wonderful sister Dominique for taking the day off and helping with the install on Wednesday! Thank you also to Jessica Page for coming along after work and helping for the second half of the afternoon and into the night, I couldn’t have done it with out you! Thanks also to Poppy and Josie for dropping by and helping out.

Thank you’s also to Zoe, Kelly and Penny the Gaffa ladies extraordinaire for making the day run as smooth as possible. 

Dominique tying the first box… you gotta start somewhere. Plan… Start from the middle and work from there.

Keeper Gallery. A perfect box sized space for a show built around boxes.

Four boxes down, fourteen to go.

All hands on deck. Dominique, me, Poppy and Josie making pins, hooks and hanging devices. 

Getting some prespective.

Productivity at large.

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17th November 2010

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Two more days to go!

Thursday 18th November 6 - 8pm at Gaffa’s

Keeper Gallery. Open daily until Tuesday 30th of November.

Come enjoy the unique works made by eighteen contemporary jewellers from Australia and New Zealand using unexpected materials they received in a mysterious brown box. An unusual ear plug neckpiece, shuttlecock earrings and brooches sprouting living grass adorn Gaffa Gallery’s walls amongst many other delightful pieces.

Curator Jasmine Matus conceptually revisits her childhood busy box, a box full of collected items brought out on rainy afternoons to inspire the making of imaginative objects. Twenty years later, The Box Project involves professional jewellers using complex materials and techniques to bring to life this intriguing past.

 Working with a limited palette of things you would never choose yourself is quite a challenge but sometimes the best things come from foreign places Sharon Fitness