The Box Project challenges a select group of contemporary jewellers/makers to create new work from materials that they have received in the post in a box. Once the work is complete they will send it back for the exhibition.

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May 4 - 25, 2011 (Auckland)
March 15 - May 1, 2011 (Wellington)
November 18- 30, 2010 (Sydney)

Masterworks Gallery, 77 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland
The See Here, 12 Constable Street, Newtown, Wellington
Gaffa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD

Artists Involved?
Diane Appleby, Zoe Brand, Melissa Cameron, Zara Collins, Kristin D'Agostino, Sharon Fitness, Liana Kabel, Peta Kruger, Bridie Lander, Jasmine Matus, Carrie McDowell, Sunggee Min, Jessica Page, Alice Potter, Sonya Scott, Lauren Simeoni, Sondi, Melinda Young.

Project based exhibition of contemporary jewellery and objects

Exhibition concept and curator? Jasmine Matus.

25th May 2011

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The Box Project @ The See Here, Wellington, NZ, April, 2011

The Box Project exhibition Wellington leg of the NZ tour in April this year was a huge success. I owe the delightful people at The See Here gallery a huge thanks to making everything run as smoothly as it did, especially Sunni Gibson!.

The See Here is a window gallery jewellery space located in Wellington’s vibrant and colourful suburb Newtown. Founded by Sunni Gibson The See Here is a group of artists and jewellers whose practice occupies the border between fine and applied art. They are dedicated to investigating contemporary jewellery and showcasing the many and varied results of this exploration.

Their programme of two or three week shows includes work from members and invited guests, displayed at and at their physical space, The See Here micro gallery, 12 Constable Street, Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand.

The online space lets you contact the artists and find out more about the work. It is also a platform for the exchange of ideas about contemporary jewellery and its many facets. (taken from theseehere website).

The See Here collective is comprised of Jhana Millers, Kelly McDonald, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Nadine Smith, Peter Deckers, Sarah Read, Sunni Gibson, Tara Brady and Vivien Atkinson; all incredibly talented and inspiring New Zealand Jewellers. More information about each maker and images of their work can be seen at The See Here website here. It was so wonderful to finally put faces to names that only existed in emails prior.  

The See Here window gallery space.

The See Here, glowing by night.

The Box Project at The See Here, Installation.

Its all about the shadow.

The wonderfully vivacious Miss Sunni Gibson in her studio behind The See Here gallery space.

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12th January 2011

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FEATURE ARTIST - Peter Kruger, Adelaide, Australia

Lost and Found Bracelet, acrylic, sterling silver, 2009

Blending from different styles and periods, including deco, sci-fi, Futurism, and the relics of hunter-gatherer societies, Kruger’s work appears as the artefacts of a tribe somehow lost in time. Peta Kruger completed first a Bachelor of Visual Communication at the University of South Australia in 2003 followed by a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2008 at the Adelaide Centre for the Arts. She has worked professionally as a graphic designer and as a jeweller, as assistant to London jeweller’s Scott Wilson and Jane Adam in 2007. She is currently an Associate of the JamFactory, Adelaide in the Metal Design Studio.

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19th November 2010

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Thank you to my wonderful sister Dominique for taking the day off and helping with the install on Wednesday! Thank you also to Jessica Page for coming along after work and helping for the second half of the afternoon and into the night, I couldn’t have done it with out you! Thanks also to Poppy and Josie for dropping by and helping out.

Thank you’s also to Zoe, Kelly and Penny the Gaffa ladies extraordinaire for making the day run as smooth as possible. 

Dominique tying the first box… you gotta start somewhere. Plan… Start from the middle and work from there.

Keeper Gallery. A perfect box sized space for a show built around boxes.

Four boxes down, fourteen to go.

All hands on deck. Dominique, me, Poppy and Josie making pins, hooks and hanging devices. 

Getting some prespective.

Productivity at large.

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17th November 2010

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FEATURE ARTIST - Zoe Brand, Sydney, Australia.

Zoe Brand and her famous blackboard brooches.

Zoe Brand currently holds the position of manager of Keeper Gallery and retail space at Gaffa Gallery an Artist Run Initiative in Sydney. She is also a maker of contemporary jewellery and objects and a freelance arts curator. Zoe studied the Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at the Design Centre, Enmore and graduated in 2008.

”I’d like to tell you a bit about myself. I’m about average height, I wear glasses and like to drink beer. Now you may ask, what has this got to do with my work? I would have to admit that this is an excellent question to pose. With my arms flailing around in the air and in an excitable tone I would reply to you, “Everything!! It has everything to do with my work!” I would then calm down and sink into a deep discussion about why it is that I decided to make Jewellery out of books pertaining to Jewellery or why in fact that I’m drawn to the aesthetic of certain architecture. Words such as, humor, simplicity, structure would be bandied about and much laughter would ensue, I would suggest that perhaps we might go for a beer and continue our conversation. After ordering a round of Coopers we would begin an intense discussion about the state of the Contemporary Jewellery scene in Australia. Following a few more beers and perhaps a cider we would part ways with the adrenalin pumping through our bodies that only comes with amazing conversation. That would be rather pleasant don’t you think?”

- Zoe Brand

A huge thanks goes out to Zoe for pushing me to pursue The Box Project. You are one special lady!

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25th October 2010

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28th September 2010


FEATURE ARTIST - Diane Appleby, Sydney, Australia.

Vessel and stopper, anodised aluminium.

Hallmarks of Diane Appleby’s handmade jewellery are design, colour and craftsmanship. Rubies, diamonds, black pearls, tourmalines and iolites set in burnished silver and planished gold find unique form in Diane’s designs. Cabochon rings of topaz and citrine and bejewelled perfume bottle with silken tassels are some of the individually crafted objects that catch the eye in a collection of Diane’s work.

Diane’s pieces are designed to not only catch the eye, but also to feel delightful to the wearer. ‘I love to play with form and texture. My jewellery, no matter the scale, has a focus on shape and surface texture that feels good to wear.’

A Sydney based jewellery designer and maker of some 20 years standing, Diane has exhibited nationally and internationally. While she supplies jewellery to some of Australia’s premier galleries and outlets, Diane’s preference is to work directly with clients to design and make individual pieces. ‘There is alchemy when I work directly with clients, involving them in the design process. It imbues the piece with a very special meaning.’

Diane completed her Master of Art in Gold and Silversmithing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2003. As well as making jewellery for individual clients, shops and galleries, Diane has taught at the Jewellery and Object Design Department, Sydney Institute of Technology, Design Centre Enmore, and at the College of Fine Art, University of NSW.

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12th September 2010


FEATURE ARTIST - Sharon Fitness, Auckland, New Zealand

15 gold blobs on 2 bits of black line

For many people, the word jewellery conjures up images of gold, diamonds and mass-produced bling. This adorned baggage has led Fitness to explore alternative visual and contextual communication surrounding wearable objects that do not fit the traditional jewellery mould. Fitness creates silicone jewels that encourage play and interaction between the wearer and observer. They offer new possibilities for adorning and viewing jewellery, creating temporal art experiences for random audiences.

Sharon Fitness is also one of the cogs behind the fabulous Broach of the Month club in New Zealand.

When contemporary jewellery meets book club in the form of a broach.’

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17th August 2010

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FEATURE ARTIST - Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, Melbourne, Australia.

Royal Parade neckpiece,  timber, turquoise, acrylic and glass beads, paint, 2010.

With an initial degree in Design/Visual Communication, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska went on to complete a BA (Honours) in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT. Natalia now works from her Melbourne based studio as a contemporary jeweller and artist, making and participating in a diverse range of projects. Natalia’s primary focus lays in realm of amuletic and talismanic adornment. With much of her research delving into various aspects of superstition, folklore and ritual, her work explores our human inclination towards charmed objects and the power of belief. Natalia has an intuitive and playful approach to her materials and practice, employing a myriad of traditional and unorthodox elements in order to create pieces that emanate a sense of character and spirit.

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27th July 2010

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FEATURE ARTIST - Lauren Simeoni, Adelaide, Australia

Woodland neckpiece, artificial plants, plastic beads, brass, 2010

Lauren Simeoni is an Adelaide based artist whose work is an homage to the senses - a wearable passport to a whimsical ‘other’ reality. Simeoni finds the beautiful and seductive in what is otherwise thought of as mundane. Her work toys with mass-production processes and she frequently reconfigures mass produced objects to create wearables of seductive beauty.  

Simeoni has a Bachelor of Arts in Gold and Silversmithing for Canberra School of Art, which she followed with a Design Associateship at the JamFactory in Adelaide. She exhibits widely nationally and internationally.

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20th July 2010

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Suspended Existence earring installation, recycled VCR components, 925 silver, 2008.

Jessica completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Jewellery and Object Design at Sydney College of the Arts in 2006. Since graduating she has been involved in various exhibitions both around Australia and Overseas.

Through her art Jessica explores the idea of transformation and reuse by deconstructing and reconstructing everyday objects.


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